Children's Health And Mentor
Program (CHAMP) is here to provide
recreational activities to

special needs persons of all ages....FREE of charge. We also provide them skill training and help them find a job.

One of the characteristics of persons with cognitive special needs is that they struggle with their social skills  and/or conversational skills to the point of standing out. Standing out can lead to isolation and an inability to get a job.

Through FREE recreational activities, CHAMP's mission is to help individuals with cognitive special needs  improve their social and conversational skills while having a fun recreational experience with both typical persons and other cognitive special needs persons. Improvement leads to confidence, independence, and ultimately employment. Where appropriate, our goal is to replace a disability check with a paycheck.


In addition to hosting FREE recreational events to improve their social and conversational skills, CHAMP provides our members employABLE skill training and refers them to employers to help them find a job.

Join us in our journey to support the underserved community of special needs persons..